Managed Remote Access

Remote access can be an invaluable tool for teams that telecommute and work independently. Managed remote access software, or remote desktop software, enables employees to remotely control a computer, share files, and collaborate with ease from remote locations as if you were directly at the computer. Staff can remotely access their computer files, applications, and network shares when working from home or abroad. Sales reps can also take advantage of remote access software to provide support and assistance to external customers. With increasing advancements in technology, more and more businesses are allowing employees to work remotely. If you have a need for remote access, Pennyrile Technologies can help.


Secure & Protected

Secure Access & Role Based Security

Featuring AES-256 encryption and options for two-factor authentication, you can rest assured that your remote access is guarded by world-class security features that scale with your needs. You can limit user access to specific computers, sessions, and abilities with granular security permissions.

File Sharing

Remote Printing & File Transfer

Remotely print from one Windows computer to another. Transfer files and folders between computers and devices through copy/paste or drag & drop functionality, making it simple to share information and documents.


Cross-Platform & Mobile Access

Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Computer Networks

Remote Meetings

Simplify the process of engaging multiple people in meetings, webinars, and other opportunities for idea exchange. Participants viewing a shared screen can record video, take screenshots, and chat with one another. Support for an unlimited number of attendees.

Record Sessions

Ability to record your sessions for compliance, auditing, or use for training and presentations.


Multi-Monitor Support

Support for multiple monitors for the remote and local computers.

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