Network Design

Planning and Designing

Planning and designing

Pennyrile Technologies can help design your network. Whether we are dealing with new construction, fixing an existing network, or adding onto a network, we provide complete network design services that give you exceptional peace of mind.


Network design

Deals with the safe and fast transport of data. The design process goes through a few different stages starting with network analysis and depending on the size of your business and your needs, this may happen in a single department or across your entire organization. We can then help you set up inter-organization networks and even enterprise networks that span multiple buildings across the country, as well. We work with a ride range of routers, firewalls, switches, modems, access points, and other networking devices to meet the needs of your network.

IT Networks

Our process

Involves evaluating your company’s needs, then developing a plan to implement a network to best meet them. This all starts with a map of the proposed network, which serves as a blueprint for putting the infrastructure into place. Then, we design the overall cabling structure, determine the number and type of network devices your company will need, create an IP address structure, and determine the best possible network security protocols to keep yourcompany – and your customers’ – information safe.

Computer Networks

We specialize

In various facets of network design, including virtual local area networks (VLAN) and secure wireless networks (WLAN). We have access to and experience with the industry’s best firewalls and routers, ensuring that your network is always secure, fast, and completely reliable. Whether you need a small network in a single space or a large network that reaches across the country, the experts at Pennyrile Technologies offer outstanding network design that will help you achieve all your business goals – both now and in the future.

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