As a small or medium business, there’s a very good chance that you prioritize your company’s ability to operate efficiently. Such efficiency is the key to your revenue, after all; the more you can do, and the faster you can do it without sacrificing quality, the more you can earn. Unfortunately, not all SMBs have the equipment and personnel for that efficiency, and that’s exactly where managed IT support comes into play. 

What is Managed IT Support?

To put it simply, managed IT support is designed to help small to medium businesses by providing them with access to the IT resources they need to succeed. Those resources may include human IT professionals, access to cloud-based servers, software and even hardware as a service, and much, much more. Back in 2016, some 64% of organizations used some sort of managed service, and by 2020, that number is expected to increase by 12.5%. Managed IT support can help small companies grow without huge investments in employees, equipment, and more. 

Round-the-Clock Care

Back in the old days, when the internet was brand new and data storage was in its infancy, if a server or a computer crashed and a company couldn’t access its database, there was only one solution, and it involved calling a professional, waiting for that professional to arrive, and hoping that professional had the knowledge to get things up and running again quickly. Today, managed IT support not only prevents downtime associated with server and computer crashes, but it also helps to resolve these issues no matter the time of day. 

How They Do It

You will get access to a variety of services when you choose managed IT support. These include:

At the end of the day, managed IT support benefits small and medium businesses by providing them with a bevy of services that would otherwise require several onsite employees. Everything from assessments and implementation to monitoring and security response comes with managed IT services, and when these things are managed remotely, business owners can focus on other things – like growing their businesses and boosting their revenue. 

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